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A Call for Action

In hard times, we don't turn our backs on members of our community. We reach out and offer them a hand. Merryfield Construction Group, a family-owned business that is three generations strong, has long been concerned about its Southern New Jersey neighbors. Today, brothers, Lewis and George, are determined to put their dedication to their community to work.

Because of the economic downturn, families of all sizes and shapes have experienced significant challenges. From job losses and catastrophic medical bills to slashed retirement funds and undervalued assets like their homes, the people that the Merryfield brothers serve have been hard hit to the point where there simply isn't money for expenses like a new roof.

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Lew and George Merryfield

The Merryfield Cares Campaign

George and Lewis know just how important it is to have that safe place to unwind at each night without having to worry about leaks or missing shingles. Their Merryfield Cares campaign is the brothers' way of giving back to their community. One family in need will be the recipient of a brand new roof for their home.

The rules for nomination are simple --- the person or family must need a new roof but cannot afford one. The process is easy and nomination is open to anyone.

How it Works:

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Upload the story of the person or family you want to nominate.

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When all the entries have been received, we will narrow them down to three finalists.

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We will post the stories of the finalists to our website for the community to vote on who most deserves a new roof.

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We'll announce the winner of the Merryfield Cares campaign and start work right away.

Who Do You Nominate? Enter Below.

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Thank You & Good Luck!